Local Meeting in Ankara

Within the scope of the Erasmus + Program, the introductory meeting of the "2016-1-TR01-KA204-033777" reference numbered KA2 Strategic Partnership Project, named “Empowerment Successful Entrepreneurial Empowerment for Women in Start-up Business”, which has been funded by Turkish National Agency and coordinated by the Ankara Provincial Directorate of Family and Social Policies, was conducted.
The project, which will continue until August 31, 2018, will be providing guidance services and materials about entrepreneurship that will inspire entrepreneurial women in need of support, as well as forming platforms where women from seven different countries can share their experience with women in the phase of start-up. In the meantime, meetings will be held with the participation of project partner countries in Portugal, France and Turkey. 5-day workshop will be held in Rome with the participation of 45 entrepreneur women and an international conference will be held in Turkey.
The project partnership consists of highly qualified organizations with years of experience in women's entrepreneurship, and Nongovernmental Organizations (NGO) and Universities representing all major European regions, including Turkey, Spain, Austria, Italy, Romania, Portugal and France. Our local project partner is Gazi University.
Ankara Provincial Director of Family and Social Policies Bestami ERKOÇ said in the following at the opening speech:
“Financial crises and global competition make it difficult for women to find good jobs, especially for women who are not educated or half-educated. For this reason, many women want to launch their own small businesses and enterprise, which require strong and systematic support, as the first years of work is very difficult for these women.
Female entrepreneurs face greater challenges than male entrepreneurs when setting up and running a business, especially in the areas of finance, education, communication networks and the balance between business world and the family. In this context, they need more support than male entrepreneurs. For this reason, we need entrepreneurial ecosystems that are based on their own life experiences and value systems for women. The aim of the project is to establish this eco system which our women need.
We will support our entrepreneurial women with the contribution of our valuable participants, give them different trainings they need and contribute to the growth of their businesses by utilizing the existing grant / credit opportunities in cooperation with Small and Medium Industry Development Organization (KOSGEP). It is very obvious that classical entrepreneurship trainings do not bring success to the desired level, so the local eco-systems that will be formed by the combination of different support mechanisms will be an important value for women in both establishment and growth of business.
I believe that all the work done in the field of entrepreneurship and the local eco systems are important in social- economical development and I congratulate those who have worked for this important project and wish to continue their good work.”
Chairwoman-Women Sect.of AKPARTI Ankara L. Selva ÇAM said the following at her speech:
“I would like to thank the Ankara Provincial Directorate of Family and Social Policies for their sensitivity and dedication to this meaningful project organized to support our women in the business world, to encourage women entrepreneurs and to announce success stories. Despite the egalitarian structure of the Constitution and other laws, it is high important for women who are in disadvantaged position in the labor market to transform their productive capacities into income-generating activities, to participate labor market and employment, in terms of our social development and for the eco-systems strengthening of our women. I believe that this project, which will contribute to increasing the number of women entrepreneurs in our country and leading them, is very important for promoting entrepreneurship by bringing out "entrepreneurial spirit" of women.”
Çam said that they have been working really hard on women employment, they are aiming to create an infrastructure for government in the subject of home and working life harmonization and that they organized workshops as Women's Branches within this framework. She has pointed out that this project is a serious work for those who take a new step in business life, which will enable them to gather with entrepreneurial women who set up their own business and women who want to start their business. Çam noted that by overcoming the cultural, educational and economic obstacles in front of women's entrepreneurship, women will be able to take a more active role in the business world.
After the opening speeches, introductory project presentation was made and the program ended with 3 successful entrepreneur women sharing their experiences with the participants.
The exhibition handmade products of entrepreneur women displayed at the program.

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