The Start-up Women's Translational Workshop-Rome 20-24 November 2017

The Start-up Women's Translational Workshop-Rome 20-24 November 2017

A workshop was held on 20/24th November 2017 in Rome (Italy) within the scope of The EmpowerWOMENt project. The start-up women from the partner countries came together and conducted various activities regarding women's entrepreneurship in a transnational environment of the workshop that was hosted by the Italian group which is one of the project partners. These activities focused on the discovery and implementation of innovative ways to help women sustain and support their innovative businesses.


Throughout the workshop, countries made presentations for different topics and conducted various activities that led entrepreneur women to think about and produce information on these topics. Presentations were made on the issues of:

start-up women’s overcoming the ideology of lonesome cowboy by building small ecosystems in and beyond their communities on the first day; access to possible users and customers, alternative funding and linking the forms of societal value on the second day; how can innovative technology and communication support businesses under the title of linking to research, innovation and experimentation on the third day; linking to technology and connecting to new forms of human resources on the fourth day. Afterwards, each national group conducted group work to answer relevant questions on the topic and made presentations on the materials they prepared. On the last day of the workshop, the videos of the "Women's Voice’’ in which 2 or 3 start-up women from each national group took place and their achievements and thoughts were acquired within the context of the project and the workshop, were shot.


Generally in the workshop, start-up women from different countries and cultures had the opportunity to share their entrepreneurial experiences and took important steps to improve their visions as a result of this valuable sharing.

The transnational ecosystem created within the Rome movement provided entrepreneurial women with the opportunity of gaining eye-opening experiences on both a general entrepreneurial concept and their own business. In addition, innovative ideas for the virtual platform to be established were developed and the general characteristics of the platform in question and the importance of this platform was better understood by entrepreneur women.

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